Anker: learn practical English to say go travel

Anker was a loyal traveling fans, for himself a few times abroad every year free! Language becomes the face of a problem, every time before arrival is looking for local students as a translator, in the face of increasing communication problems that occur, Anker to choose their own learning practical English.
Readme: free abroad, language related of course not open around. So, I came to Le its, from based level began learn English, is select Le its such of practical English training institutions, a is Le its to students Professor practical oral, and are is from Europe of outside taught to taught, pronunciation Shang can guarantee pure, greatly is better than in the taught taught, this is I select Le its of most main of reasons; II is Le its also focused on Western communication culture, large of real walkthrough class, reproduction Western culture and custom, subtle in the habit Western thinking and way, I was able to travel abroad for seamless integration into the local life.
here in such an easy international learning environment, fashion, environment, I am confident of my English level, students in active discussions with the Exchange and alive. Essential lectures on foreign teachers also conduct in response to a question is explained in detail, so that I can play in a stress free atmosphere gradually improving English proficiency, learning more efficient, better absorption. Believes that in the near future I can become truly "backpackers".