Bubbles: English close contact with the idol

Bubbles is a very lovely sunshine girl, talk to chipper. She said with a smile, learned English because Access can't understand his idol was worried, but she thinks have a good command of English is a skill required of a modern, as the saying goes "no burden", so taking advantage of comparative plenty of time at the University she went to Le.
Readme: I learning English is the most important thing is because they are interested in, Justin Bieber is my Idol, I always look at his video, did not understand when in a hurry. This is my biggest motivation to learn English. And also thought to have entered University, and none of the skills they are presentable, as the saying goes "no burden" going right now, maybe when it's used.
I is select Le its, main has two aspects of factors: a is Le its of learning atmosphere good, students are are hold with practice good English heard of purpose poly in with, fashion of campus within students or in classroom Shang oral class, or in twos and threes of poly in with for independent oral expand, exposure Yu soaking type of English environment, let you unknowingly opening said up English; II is Le its of teachers team powerful, full outside Professor class, outside taught from Yu English for native of national, holds international recognized of qualification card, And two years of teaching experience, be able to guarantee the quality of teaching.
here for almost a year, I now feel my English has been significantly improved, my back before Justin Bieber's baby has been back down. After this period of continuous accumulation under the influence I can sing the whole song. Common courses of English, I love it in class can continue to broaden their horizons in the process, culture is richer, more Western thinking, through English understand different cultures and knowledge!