Herbert: new directions for entering the workplace to learn English

Herbert was engaged in tax work, and now he wants to learn more new knowledge to professional help, and English became a stumbling block. Command of English has become particularly important, through friends, he went to the music.
Readme: learning English is the most important thing is interesting, I am engaged in tax work, wanted to learn more new knowledge, English will become the first. Targeted action immediately! After a friend, I came to the music!
first entered the music, I liked the campus building environment, first of all, there is a strong learning atmosphere, although gathered at the computer, open classrooms, exchange of trainees in the lounge, study English, but there is no sense of oppression that race each other on campus in the past, everything was so easy. On one hand, its adult-oriented students, mostly young students, professionals, permeated with young atmosphere, learning motivation and attitude is also younger.
after the class, I had more opportunities to communicate with the foreign teachers, over time I have found, in fact, talking to teachers when they use words is very simple, my biggest issue is stuck in the "mute English" stage, and patiently led me out of the Church, to correct my pronunciation. After a period of
in this class, my English has been greatly improved from the initial "couldn't say" now able to communicate with foreign teachers for basic communication. Next I'm going to continue to enhance the level of communication to native English, sailed into the new direction.