Maria: learning to change, it's never too late!

Husband in a foreign company, children are English majors, Maria has been in such a family atmosphere on the interest in English, also very envious of those who can and "crooked nuts" people achieving barrier-free communication. After-service Maria is finally able to follow your heart, she chose to learn practical English.
Readme: to here registration, a is because I has been are on English has interest, just take with left this paragraph time good of to himself filling charging, upgrade Xia himself; II is set class system very human, class time more free, can reasonable integration debris time, now and achieved has phone set class, more is convenient has like I this occasionally will is not learning State of people.
I can say is start from the most basic, although before learning English, but it is always in "mute English" examination-oriented education, the examination-oriented thinking cannot be changed overnight! In its changed-oriented thinking. Here whether it is taught or expression that is taught is focused on language, encouraged me to speak out, express their true thoughts, not afraid of mistakes, fear not.
trouble is only temporary, as little as 3 months, I have adapted to the teaching model of oral English, practical spoken charms I was appreciated. First of all, happy to learn are spoken to life, a lively and practical, rather than in school textbooks of formal, rigid test of English. Secondly, the music taught me the authentic, genuine spoken language, it makes me less learning time for fear of the pronunciation and the emergence of concerns. Once again, holding various teaching activities also gives our students a sense of belonging. Thanksgiving, Christmas activities as long as I have time, I will actively participate, share happiness, but also to live authentic western holidays, can be described as too.