Summer: English Nirvana commands work in the new period

In the Summer, English has become an indispensable skill of contemporary people. She knows very well that most of the good jobs will have higher requirements in English, together with the professional school for international trade, if you want to achieve higher goals in the workplace, promote practical English is around the corner, so she chose to, want to increase competitiveness in the workplace through practical English learning.
Readme: in my opinion, English has become a necessary skill in the new era. I, for one, whether in life or work, are more or less need to use English. Life, the friend who always envy speaks fluent English, has long wanted to join their ranks; work, work hard years, deeply understand the importance of English in professional development, now good job did not require the level of English.
I shall now do is not professional, in order to improve, better professional development, improve practical English is the first step! In training market Shang multi Advisory, and try listening to, I think Le its English of training mode more for I, because Le its used 1-4 people class outside Professor class, class school member number not more, both can let each a a students and teacher full interactive, practice pure oral, also can is good to share other students in learning in the found of problem, through teacher of answers get more of English communication knowledge.
and market Shang other two class training institutions apparently not has these elements, traditional English training main for exam crowd service, in the taught teacher will more energy put in has exam skills of analytical Shang, class Shang number also more, frequently dozens of people even Shang hundred people, on wants to learn oral of people no too more help; also has is Le its of price high, its original of four natural learning method can makes students fast effective of learn to most life, and most practical of English, And more traditional knowledge by learning English permeates Western culture can acquire more knowledge.

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